Touchmedia Design: Web Site

We have refined our work process into the following simple steps that will allow us to efficiently complete your project while keeping you involved every step of the way:

Discussion and review of the proposal are the first steps to a new design. If you want to include new elements, the sooner you tell us, the more efficiently and effectively we can give you what you want.

Our sales, management, and design teams work very closely together and with you to insure we all have a full understanding of the project and the information discussed before we start work on your site. We want to be sure everything is 100% consistent with our shared vision for your new website.

Before ordering, we will discuss our shared visions for your website. Our conversation can certainly include sites which you like, whether for their aesthetic or functional qualities. We will also offer our own suggestions for how to improve your website, and we’ll suggest potential new directions and opportunities for your business focus.

The information we discuss will act as a guideline for Touch Media Design to follow during the design process.

After we’ve agreed where we would like to go with the design and have the guidelines ready, we’ll begin to design your pages. Your project manager is your point of contact for all of your needs regarding this project. Touch Media Design will keep you constantly up to date on the progress we’re making, anything delaying our progress, and preparations you should make to take full advantage of the tools we’ll be providing to you.

First we’ll design your homepage concept. We have found that this makes the design process smoother, and requires a shorter turnaround time. Once we create a completed homepage concept we’ll have a polished concept. The inner pages will then be consistent with the homepage. This dramatically simplifies the design process.

When the design concept has been revised to your liking, we will then implement that concept into a working model within an administration panel. Upon your review, we will make any changes necessary to make the website consistent with the concepts we’ve created. At that point you may publish your new website!

For a standard static website, it usually takes about 1 month to complete. In general, each of the following project phrases takes about 1 week: Project Planning, Design Drafts, Revisions, and Beta Testing.

For a dynamic or ecommerce website, it usually takes about 2 to 3 months to complete, depending on the scale of the project.

For logo design, it usually takes about 2 to 3 weeks to complete. After we receive all the necessary material and instruction, we will send you the first batch of design concepts within 5 business days.

After we have received the signed project agreement, we will email you an e-invoice. You will be able to make the payment with any major credit cards through our merchant account with Paypal.

We require a 50% down payment for all of our projects.

We do not use any templates for our designs. All of our designs and programming codes are created from scratch for our clients' specific needs. Also, we do not accept projects that ask us to update any existing templates because it would usually take more time debugging the errors in a template than creating an original one.

We usually host all of the websites that we create on our own dedicated servers, to minimize any potential downtime or server configuration problems that may occur on other servers.